My Ruby Way

The discovery

I first heard about Ruby on 2008 at a summer university course from the Simplelogica guys, and also Rails with the famous video “Build a blog in 15 minutes”.

But I lost interest since I was comfortable making a living with PHP and only a few hosting services supported Ruby. Anyway I made some friends from Simplelogica like David Arango that has kept me aware of the Ruby scene through the years.

The fascination

On 2012 I gave it another try, but this time seriously. I co-founded an startup with a Ruby on Rails trainer, so he took me under his wing to become the second back-end developer.

I read some books, completed online tutorials, and a month later started working from scratch on the project. Learning about the scaffolding, the API, multitenancy… most of the time we did analysis & design, but the coding times where fun and finally got my attention over Ruby and its awesome environment and community.

But hard times came when the iOS developer left us, so in an effort to save the situation I set Ruby aside and tried to master Objective-C in 3 months to create the iPad app prototype. Some months later all felt apart and our adventure ended, sending me back to PHP just for the money.

The mature decision

So a month ago we moved from Albacete to Madrid, almost the same time that I turned a 10 years old PHP developer, and all become so obvious.

I’ve learnt almost 7 PHP frameworks, and I’ve been betrayed by almost all of them, most notably by PradoPHP (the precursor of Yii). And altought Laravel promise a great future, I’m really tired of the ecosystem, as I did just with 2 years on enterprise Java.

What now?

Almost all this past month I’ve been back to learn & practice Ruby, contributing to Madrid.rb website with a scrapping file for their old wiki, and completing a turbot at Civio’s #flashhack for OpenCorporates with @ferblape, and it was all really fun and increased my will to master the environment.

Well I’m not the first to walk this path, but neither will be the last, so just because it could be useful for someone, or to my own pleasure reading this 10 years in the future… I’ll write down My Ruby Way.