Long Time No See!

A lot has happened since my last post, that made me completely forget the blog. My family got bigger with a girlfriend and a rescued greyhound, we moved 3 more times until she landed a nice job in Albacete for 2 years, and this January she got an awesome opportunity at Madrid that will last 4-5 years at least.

Netberry & PHP tiredness

During the year and half that we stayed in Albacete I got a job on Web & Mobile development at Netberry. It was a good place to work, with a nice family feeling among the co-workers, and made some great friends.

In my first project I built a web application that works entirely offline in the browser, so a technician working on a solar or eolic plant without connection could still use it. I’ll write about it soon… but basically used IndexedDB for the data, Javascript for the logic and Cache Manifest to let the files persist without internet.

Also improved a lot my jQuery and Javascript, learned about framework internals (we used a custom PHP framework built on top of Zend)), some custom scripts with PHPExcel and SEPA data format form bank domiciliations… worked on some cool and big projects, patched legacy code at others… Even got the opportunity to evangelize about Git, SublimeText and PhpStorm.

But definetly got tired of PHP and it’s environment after more than 10 years dealing with passing frameworks, customs CMS’s and Wordpress/Drupal/etc…

So whats next? Ruby!!

Since we are living in Madrid and there are plenty of job offers for diverse positions, I’ll finally give Ruby a solid chance to change my career and have fun again at work.

Many years has passed since I first tried it, and even got a good chance to work with RoR (although life got in the way)… but third time’s the charm, because this time I got everything on place.